Its been a hard days blog…

… and I’ve been working like a dog – well, not quite. This first foray into the blogosphere for me, is probably timely – having blindly stumbled around the internet for the last few years, in varying capacities as graphic designer/musician/photographer/songwriter etc., I’ve strenuously avoided actual commentary anywhere, apart from the occasional update on my own music site ( and business site ( – I’ve effectively let the art do the talking.  But little by little, those Facebook posts have become more regular, more elaborate, perhaps more informed and dare I say it… almost enjoyable.

Following a quick holiday last month to New York, in particular Brooklyn, I found that my posts were becoming an almost daily event, and I felt almost deprived lest I’d missed posting a new image or recollection on a particular day… people actually seemed interested in all the same wacky things that were capturing my attention, and that in itself was a compelling reason to keep going. Spurred on by a requirement in our final performance unit at the University of Western Sydney that we document and indeed maintain a blog of our activities in the unit, I finally have a legitimate reason to blather on…

And so endeth the first blog. There will be more, much more soon. And so, without further ado… let the literary adventure begin.

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