First thoughts on the big project

An interesting couple of days – our group as a whole (well, 13 of us anyway) met yesterday to discuss initial plans for the production of our major project for the final year performance unit entitled, aptly, ‘Music Project’. In a nutshell, this will be an hour long presentation, to be performed in November to our peers and notable others. We are one of three groups of roughly 30 students, who need to divide into further subgroups of roughly 5-6 students each. The production needs to have theme of some description, and needs to come together as a cohesive whole, with our blogs reflecting not our individual contributions, but those of our subgroups and of the entire group and production overall… phew!

Fortunately, things seem to be moving along quickly: following yesterdays meeting, a theme has emerged, that of somehow portraying the Bachelor of Music degree itself as the production, reflecting aspects of what we’ve learnt in the degree through vignettes performed by each subgroup within the production. This has a interesting aspect to it, as in a way we already have a potential audience in future students who may be thinking about studying the degree, as the production will showcase aspects of what we’ve already studied, and will give future students an insight into the degree in an entertaining fashion (hopefully).

Ideas are fermenting, and discussion is underway… it’s getting interesting. đŸ˜‰

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