Subgroup 6 – beginnings

Our first ‘official’ meeting took place today, and proved far more productive than I could have imagined – we have a bunch of go-getters here! Blaise is quite pro-active in getting everything organised, and  Alex I sense is itching to get the soundscape off the ground as soon as possible – both he and Ben are well versed in Ableton Live and are prepared to take on more of the ‘tech’ duties. Despite my audio background in using ProTools, it’s probably to my advantage to take part in the live performance itself for once, and to be perfectly honest, I’d like to leave the technical details to someone else and concentrate on how to pull off the best live performance.

At this early stage, we’re still thrashing around ideas of the best way to tackle this part of the project – I ventured that using short audio sample as a way to build up rhythm tracks for performance would be useful, which seemed to be taken up. Another idea ventured by Ben for using industrial material that already has inherent tones, to use as pitched material was also useful. We auditioned  tracks in a small audio studio in O Block I had no idea existed (so much for three years of a degree!) and decided for practical reasons to get a group DropBox underway to swap audio files.

This is an auspicious start, and if we can keep the momentum going, I believe we could have some valuable material to contribute to the final project.

2 thoughts on “Subgroup 6 – beginnings

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