A process in evolution

Alex, Ben and Blaise getting a groove on...

Alex, Ben and Blaise getting a groove on…

Although only a brief get together today, it was first at which we were ALL in attendance,  and we managed to get some musical work done. Part of my mild frustration with this exercise was up until now, there had been no process per se: this is now beginning to change as certain individuals are putting their ideas in. As the token percussionist in this particular ensemble, my role in directing the tonal areas of our ‘piece’ so far has been limited – fortunately today Tom took the reigns a little and starting directing a few ideas in shaping the overall direction of our soundscape, with Alex and Blaise putting in as well.

Tom sketches out the shape of things to come

Tom sketches out the shape of things to come

Ben has been keen to get into the sound manipulation of our experiments so far, and brought in a portable Zoom digital recorder to capture some of our sounds – to my knowledge he’ll be manipulating these for use next week. Alex also has the intention of bring in an interface so we can use Ableton through a p.a. system and make use of its live potential. This side of thing I have little idea about – I posted a quick audio experiment last night from my own sound manipulation in Pro Tools, of which no-one seemed to take a great deal of notice, and young Alex derided some of my audio manipulations as ‘old school’, so this older guy thinks perhaps let the young guys have their head and I’ll just stick to what I know…

The plan thus far

The plan thus far

At the very least, we now have a rough plan of how the piece will evolve and have some notions of tonal centres to explore (see photo), so we’re not entirely in the dark as to how this will eventually unfold. I am quietly confident at this juncture that the whole thing could turn out, well, rather good actually…

A rough demo of today’s efforts:

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