Music by Degrees – the brand

Here’s the idea I’ve had in mind for a while, as a possible brand for the project, which I’ve submitted to the group as a whole:

music_by_degrees_brandYes, there’s a bit of a visual pun going on here, but it’s a not a bad one – the temperature analogy suits the progression of events (from novice students entering at the ‘cool’ end of the spectrum, to experienced students departing at the ‘hot’ end) and as we’re leading into a hot summer here anyway, it would appear to be appropriate. Visually it works too, I can see this easily working as possible projections in between performances. As yet, I’ve only heard from a few fellow students, but feedback so far is positive.

I’m hoping we get consensus on this soon, as we’re performing in a little over a week: rehearsals start this coming Friday, so we need to get cracking!

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