Persistence of Memory

Another experimental video, this time incorporating a piece from Sounds Of In-Between, ‘Persistence of Memory‘ (the title borrowed from the famous Salvador Dali painting, replete with melting clocks – the constant bells in the music seemed both apt and persistent). This footage was shot and edited together as part of my recent experiments into perceptions of time and space, and previously had no soundtrack, but now it does – the flickering sunlight seems to perfectly match a sense of past¬†evocations, like faint scratches, a palimpsest of a past lives. That’s my take on it anyway… enjoy.

1 thought on “Persistence of Memory

  1. The first few seconds of listening I can see pictures in my mind. A 3D space, particles, ambient light. Its like looking through someone else’s eyes, a journey through unrecognisable environments.

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