Born in Adelaide, South Australia, Peter’s early introduction to music was via radio and video clips on Saturday morning television, and a knowledgable uncle who turned him on to Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at the tender age of 11. Inspired by the bright colours and sound worlds of 60’s British pop and psychedelia, he experimented with many instruments in his early teens, eventually settling on the electric guitar by way of trumpet, drums, bass and piano.

After a period creating early songs and sound experiments on four-track tape, Peter served his musical apprenticeship as lead guitarist in Adelaide outfit Primitive Painters (1987-90), providing atmospheric lines to the Painter’s edgy pop songs and releasing the Sea Of Art album through Greasy Pop/Festival Records in 1990. He went on to collaborate with ex-Painter Greg Vincent in the darker, more experimental electro-pop of Puppethead (1991-2003), releasing two albums, Lizardland and Breathe through German label Zuma. He relocated to Melbourne in 1996 and then Sydney in 1998, where he formed the power pop Resounder (1999-2000) with singer Pat Loughry and ex-Ratcat bass player Amr Zaid, as well as playing drums in Zaid’s outfit, Ampersand.

Peter hooked up again with Vincent in 2000 to tour Puppethead in the U.S. and U.K. and upon returning to Sydney in early 2001 teamed up with Resounder drummer Rene Arriagada and bass player Jo Herbert to form the avant-pop Bümbüm (2001-2003), amusing Sydney audiences with an oddball approach to indie rock, eastern tonalities and electronic toys. Due to internal differences, Bümbüm split in 2003, and Peter relocated to the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. He soon fell in with the infamous mens a capella group the Spooky Men’s Chorale (2004-) and is still a current performing and touring member.

In early 2004 he committed a backlog of material to tape, and with the help of ex-Painters drummer and good friend Andy Przygonski, laid down twelve songs at Megaphon Studios in Sydney. Following the birth of his son, he resumed recording in late 2005 and with the help of friend and engineer Steve Fieldhouse, finalised mixing in 2006. The album Midday Sun, mastered by Don Bartley, was released in mid 2007 to glowing reviews and the song Melody’s Fate took out the Alternative Music prize at the Blue Mountains Music Awards that year.

At present, he is collaborating with Greg Vincent in a new electro-pop project called Ashram Poets, performing live with The Winstons, Johnny Habitual and the Spooky Men’s Chorale and discovering the fine art of juggling university studies, business and parental responsibilities with music commitments.

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