States of Suspension

Project title: States of suspension: aesthetics of suspended experience in popular music and imagery

Peter Long, PhD candidate, University of Western Sydney
Supervisors: Diana Blom, John Encarnacao, Kate Richards

This project examines aesthetic perceptions of space and time in popular music and imagery, in particular experiences of a diminishing awareness of time and space, or feeling of ‘suspension’ in instances of music and art. It also looks at whether there may be similar experiences that emerge in the synthesis and combination of moving imagery and music in film, music videos and multimedia.

The video and music examples below were used in a series of experiments conducted in June 2017 testing perceptions of time elapsed, physical sensation and emotional response, sense of immersion and whether instances of music elicited imagery, or moving imagery elicited sound or music. Although these experiments have concluded, you are welcome to view these for yourself. The questionnaire for participants is available for download at this link: H11933_Questionnaire

It is suggested to view the examples with the screen maximised (click on the arrows in the bottom right corner of each video) and preferably listening with headphones or earbuds to gain a wholly immersive experience.